Christian Eduardo Cristóful Scappini


Citizenship: Paraguayan-Spanish
Address: Asuncion, Paraguay
Email address:
Married: Blanca Cantero 2003; Children: Sofia (2008), Max (2010)

Evangelical Christian

Academic Credentials

2000 M. Phil., Applied Linguistics, Catholic University, Asuncion Paraguay. Thesis Defense pending.
1998 BA, English Language major, Instituto Superior de Lenguas, Asuncion, Paraguay. Secondary concentrations: Phonetics and Phonology.

Additional Course Work

2013. Higher Education Certification course. Universidad Evangelica del Paraguay

2012. Dealing with Virtual Platforms: Instituto Superior de Educacion

2011-Present. Chinese Language & Culture: Instituto Superior de Lenguas. National University of Asuncion

2010. Religion in the United States: Pluralism and Public Presence. UCSB-Study of the United States Institute. Santa Barbara, California

2006. American Studies for Secondary School English Teachers from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. International Education Consortium, Austin, Texas

2005. Teaching Knowledge Test. Cambridge University at Anglo, Asuncion
2004. Japanese Language, CEPEP Institute. Asuncion, Paraguay.
2001. Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners CELTYL. Cambridge University at Anglo, Asuncion, Paraguay.

1990-1992. English Language. Fisk Institute, Asuncion, Paraguay.

1995-present. Tesol workshops. Annual Paratesol Conventions

Seminars Attended

2013. PET Conference. Asuncion Crowne Plaza Hotel

2013. Teaching English as a Foreign language to Brazilians. Facultad de Lenguas Vivas

2012. Learning Platforms – The Digital Era in ELT. Richmond Publishing

2012. Changing role of teachers and classrooms. Richmond Publishing

2011. LABCI Conference Paraguay 2011. Hotel Sheraton. Asuncion, Paraguay.

2008. LatinAmerican Convention on Road Safety. San José, Costa Rica.

2008. Korean Phonetics and Korean Culture. Catholic University. Lambare, Paraguay

2008. Research Methodology from a Christian Perspective, by Dr. Edwin Warkentin fromMemorial University, Manitoba, Canada at Facultad de Lenguas Vivas, Lambare, Paraguay

2007. Road Safety. Curitiba and Itajaí, Brazil

2003. Sociolinguistics, by Dr. Gynan Shaw. Facultad de Lenguas Vivas.EvangelicalUniversityofParaguay.

2002. Three keys to success, by Dr. Harold Finch, Dr. Antonio Montiel and others

1998. TEYL. Teaching English to Young Learners. Training Course Cambridge University at Centro Anglo Paraguayo. Asunción, Paraguay.

1997. Vocabulary Teaching for Diverse Learning Styles by Steven Molinsky. Instituto Superior de Lenguas.

1997. 2nd Southern Cone Regional TESOL Conference. Asuncion, Paraguay.

1997-2005. Language Awareness. Teacher Training Course. Centro Anglo Paraguayo. Asuncion, Paraguay.

1996. 6th Conference of Latin American/British Cultural Institutes. Asuncion, Paraguay.

1996. Training Course for School of Tomorrow language teachers. Asuncion, Paraguay.

1995. The International Phonetic Alphabet, by Dr. Thomas Wauquier. Instituto Superior de Lenguas. Asuncion, Paraguay.


10/02/12. How our oral culture influences directly in our reading comprehension. Workshop offered to English teachers in Capiata, Paraguay through Richmond international.

12,13/11/10. Linguistics Workshop: Comparative Phonetics & Phonology. Evangelical University of Paraguay – Hernandarias, Alto Parana, Paraguay.

16/07/10. Symposium: Religious Pluralism in Global Perspective. Faces of Secularism. McCune Conference Room. HSSB. Santa Barbara, California.

04/06/10. “Teacher’s Knowledge Test” for 3º & 4º year students from B.A. in Bilingual Education at Facultad de Lenguas Vivas, Lambare, Paraguay.

23/12/08. “Advanced Grammar” at Facultad de Lenguas Vivas, Lambare, Paraguay.

Workshops dictated for teachers from the English Teachers Paraguayan Association at Anglo.

13/12/12. “Dealing with Beginners: Activating Schema”

06/12/11. “Applying the Direct Method in Public Schools in Paraguay”

09/12/04.”Teaching Large Groups.”

13/12/02.”Communicative Activities.”


14/12/00.“Error Correction.”

17/12/99.“Pre-writing Activities.”

18/12/98.“Using Authentic Material in an EFL Classroom.”

Areas of Specialization

General Linguistics
Comparative (English-Spanish) Phonetics and Phonology
Language 2 Teaching Methodology


Spanish, English. Acquainted with Guarani and Korean alphabet. Currently learning Mandarin.

Academic Appointments

Oct 2013 Official Cambridge YLE oral examiner through Anglo Paraguay.

Apr 2012: Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Pedagogy, Instituto Superior de Lenguas, Faculty of Philosophy, Asuncion National University.

Mar 2000-Present: Associate Professor of Linguistics (tenured), Instituto Superior de Lenguas, Faculty of Philosophy, Asuncion National University.
Mar 2001-Present: Associate Professor of Linguistics, Faculty of Living Languages, Evangelical University.
Mar 2001-Present: Associate Professor of L2 Methodology, Faculty of Living Languages, Evangelical University.

2009-Present: Associate Professor of Linguistics and Teaching Methodology, Instituto Superior de Educación Dr. Raul Peña.

1997-Present: English Teacher, Centro Anglo Paraguayo, Asuncion, Paraguay.

Work Experience

2013 TKT Blended course: on-site/virtual TKT classes from Anglo.

2012 English teacher to church leaders at Universidad de Desarrollo Sustentable

2010-2012. Spanish as L2 lessons to a British student.

2009 Spanish as a Foreign Language lessons to students fromFoxUniversityfromOregon,Oregon.

2008-Present. Webmaster at Facultad de Lenguas Vivas

2008-2011. English Department Coordinator at Facultad de Lenguas Vivas. Evangelical University of Paraguay

2007. Off-site English lessons from Anglo at British-American Tobacco.Asuncion,Paraguay

2006 Spelling Bee Contest Judge at San Ignacio de Loyola school.

2005-Present. Member of the University Council for thesis defense assessment at both, Facultad de Lenguas Vivas, Evangelical University and Instituto Superior de Lenguas, NationalUniversity.

2004-2005. Off-site English lessons from Anglo at National Department of Treasury

2002-2004. Off-site English lessons from Evangelical University at Fundación Visión. Asuncion, Paraguay

2002-2003. Off-site English lessons from Anglo at Aventis Pharma.

2001. Spanish as a foreign language lessons to foreigners at Facultad de Lenguas Vivas.

1999. English teacher at Universidad del Cono Sur de las Américas.

1998. Help at Workshops sponsored by Books Bookshop at Columbia University, Asuncion, Paraguay.

1998-Present. International Exams from Cambridge University Overseer at Campo Alto School, Las Almenas School, Santa Elena School, American School, Cristo Rey School and Las Teresas School and at Anglo.

1998 – 2000. Translation of several Bible Study books with permission from Saddleback Church, California at Vida Nueva Church

1997. Translation of 4º and 5º grade books from Aguila Printing House. Asuncion, Paraguay

1997-1998. English teacher at Instituto Metropolitano de Idiomas. Asuncion, Paraguay

1997-1998. English teacher at Colegio Metropolitano de Asunción. Asuncion, Paraguay

1996-1997. English and computer science teacher at Heidi Pre-School. Asuncion, Paraguay

1996-1997. English and computer science teacher at Trinity School. K6-4th grade. Asuncion, Paraguay

1995-1996. English teacher at Bethany School. 3rd-5th grades. Asuncion, Paraguay.

1995. Computer Science teacher at Escuela Francesa de Informática. Asuncion, Paraguay


Intervención en el área afectiva y su impacto en una clase de inglés (2012) in Kuaapy Ayvu. ISE’s Scientific Magazine. 

Las Tic en Contextos de Formación  (2012) in Una Mirada desde la Experiencia. Servilibro. Asuncion, Paraguay.

¿Por qué estudiar en Falevi? (Dec 2012). Logos Magazine Article page 19. Etygraph. Asuncion, Paraguay

Academic Awards

2012 Top Reading and Writing Resource

2012 Most Fascinating Blog of 2012

1989 Gold Medal Award Baptist School

Courses Taught

Advanced English Grammar course
Comparative Morphosyntax I & II
Comparative Phonetics & Phonology
Comparative Spanish-Guarani Phonology
English as a Foreign Language
General Linguistics I & II
Language & Technology course

Literacy Skills

L2 Methodology
Language & Technology

Personal and Professional Development

Second Language Pedagogy
Spanish Phonetics
TKT Training Course

Mg Andrea Dueck
Dean University of Living Languages
Phone: 595 21 55 76 22

Prof. Beatriz Schvartzman
Department of Philosophy
Instituto Superior de Lenguas
Asuncion National University
Office 595 21 207-599


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