Psycholinguistics and bilingualism: amazing findings.

Psycholinguistics and bilingualism: amazing findings. On the article.

This gripping article again proves how awe-inspiring the hand of God is by creating our intricate brains. Science proves that being bilingual adds a plus over monolingual people. The nature of the experiment made with these young children corroborates this inscrutable fact.

What implications does this bring to parents? well, considering having their children take up a new language would be the first step. What about the implications for language teachers? I think more reading, more training, more being informed about scientific development and up-to-the-minute teaching methodology should be a must on the top of the list.


One thought on “Psycholinguistics and bilingualism: amazing findings.

  1. “When a person owns two or more languages, there is one integrated source of thought.” (Baker, 1996, p.147 )
    Proud of your blog Christian !!!
    Keep the good work:)

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