On the Labci 2011 Conference

I was invited to participate in the PARAGUAY LABCI 2011 conference held at Sheraton Hotel Asuncion. I enjoyed attention-grabbing talks on language, teaching and technology.

Not only I had the benefit of getting informed about the latest European trends in education, but I was also taught by the very authors of the many newest pedagogical books available in the academic market. I am fond of pedagogy. I like the way technology and pedagogy get intertwined in benefit of our students.

I already put into practice one of the suggested web-based tools for learning languages: since I am currently studying Mandarin, I used the QUIZLET flashcards free software and I proved it to be an excellent memory tool. Since one of the most difficult aspects of learning Chinese is remembering the characters, using this software really helped me out. I think a good teacher needs to use the material first, appraise its strengths and weaknesses and then use them with their students. I am now getting many ideas on how to use this software in my English classes.

The guest speakers provided us of their email addresses, web site addresses to visit and virtually anything a language teacher needs for their classes. We cannot complain about lack of resources or even lack of training, since in the twenty first century in a globalized world we can contact almost everyone anywhere mostly anytime.

I hope to continue growing as a language teacher, learning more about using technology in the classroom (but not letting it control me) and inspire my students to be agents of change in a decaying world.


2 thoughts on “On the Labci 2011 Conference

  1. Wow teacher!!!!! I’m very proud of all the great things you are doing !!!!!

    Your love for linguistics and education is very inspiring !!!!! Which my daughter and I share very deeply:)

    Delicia( my daughter ) will be sophomore at Fairfield University in the fall, she will be declaring double major in psychology and Spanish with a concentration in Education 🙂 she says that she will be using your example of positive transfer guarani/English 🙂

    We loved it…. We will be sending you more examples of how Paraguayan are creating a new language ( b/ Guarani/ different Spanish dialects & English) in the East Coast of the USA

    Way to go:)

    Best to everyone:)


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